8 Jul 2015

Matte painting backgrounds and virtual sets

Here is a selection of background art I have made over my career. They are for many different projects - mainly broadcast TV and commercials. There is a range of styles and techniques from paintbox, photo montage to 3d - and many which mix all three.

  Mazda commercial for Maverick. The entire background was made up from various stock photos. I then composited the full greenscreen studio footage in. Liquid TV 2003

Full 3d virtual set render. For Playstation software app. SquareZero 2006

3d virtual set for MessageLabs web commercial. 3d still renders improved in Photoshop and screen animations added in comp. SquareZero 2005

Animated reconstructions for 'I Caesar' BBC history documentary. Various scenes of Rome's forum  were recreated over footage of the existing locations. Traditional Matte Painting techniques. Liquid TV 2003

2d artwork backdrop for early concepts CBeebies 'Kerwhizz' kids show. SquareZero 2008

 Matte painting and compositing of VFX onto existing footage. Hi rez photo of gas plant was altered and redrawn to create a during and after image of plant which has been destroyed by explosion. Corporate graphics safety movie for Oman national oil company. SquareZero 2011

 Il Volo -  TVC for album launch. Photo montage backgrounds. Squarezero 2011

 Ultra Girls -  pop promo with 3d virtual backgrounds throughout. SquareZero 2010

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