10 Jun 2020

L'Art de Guerre on Tabletop Simulator Tutorials


I made a set of simple tutorials on the basics of setting up the wargame L'Art de la Guerre on Tabletop simulator.  You can go to the first one by clicking here or the on the picture above.

The other two tutorials are here:

Terrain Deployment
Army Deployment

Wargaming with Miniatures - with Tabletop Simulator

I've discovered during Lockdown that my favourite tabletop wargame 'L'art de la Guerre' has been turned into a 3d online game. Tabletop Simulator ( TTS ) is a 3d gaming platform which allows you to recreate your favourite games and play them in real time against real opponants.

You can simulate 'bases' of army units for use in the game. Here are some classical Greek Spartans lined up.

You can construct all the boards, parts, cards etc needed and they move with simple controls. Its problably based on Unity or something but it has a simple interface and is customisable by adding simple 3d models as .objs r .fbx. Flat art can be put onto cards etc as jpegs and pngs.

A medieval battle showing some of the simulated game props and terrain plus the TTS interface

The L'Art de la Guerre game board and miniature armies have been put together for TTS by Massimo Gamberi - an Italian wargamer. Since I discovered it I have figured out how the mods work and added four or five armies myself.

Low poly hordes of Dacian barbarians in Maya

The base figures are taken from existing 3d computer games such as Field of Glory or Rome Total War. Then the models are file converted using Blender and adapted and posed in Maya. They can then be imported into TTS and saved as 'Workshops' in whole army groups which people can access and bring to their own games.

Adapted texture maps - to give more variations of paint jobs to miniatures

When I edit the models in Maya I am looking to make two or three poses to mix up and then up to four different texture varaiations ( to make over 16 combinations of shield design, clothing, heads etc) . I can also mix up the horses and positions / facing directions to make them look a bit less uniform.

figure in Maya - showing the low poly mesh. Fairly easy to pose - but needs attention at shoulders.

Once I have a selection of individuals I can group them into bases of units - some mixed and random lik ethe barbarians. Some will be close ranked and uniform like this Roman army I put together.

Middle Imperial Romans - Auxhileries and Legionaries

Still from a battle I lost - my Spartans were defeated by the Carthaginians around 250BC
Heres a Youtube video I made just showing a medieval army selection I put together.

There's a Facebook group for ADG with TTS here

6 Apr 2020

08 Tutorial to make a breakdown of your Nuke composite

This tutorial shows a simple way to make a labelled breakdown of your composited sequence. This would be useful if you are making a showreel and want to show how you made a visual effect or alterations to original filmed footage. Made for my students at Greenwich University to make breakdowns of their projects during the Coronavirus term extension allowed through April.

Grading Principles

Comping Multipass CG renders in Nuke

Breaking down and comping a single 3d render using Nuke. The multipass 3d render is separated out into the various constituent passes - diffuse, specular, shadows, ambient occlusion. Then they are layered up one at a time over the background footage. This tutorial uses Maya with Arnold and NukeX

Planar tracking tutorial using Nuke X

Video tutorial on planar tracking using NukeX . Part of a series of basic skills for VFX work. This video is an english language version of a video made in Hindi by learning lab. The free to download footage is from Hollywood camerawork

Nuke Chroma key tutorial / exercise using two keys

This tutorial was recorded at Greenwich University in 2020. This lesson was to demonstrate a VFX method for making a good chromakey combining a good subtle key for edge details and hair plus a hard key for keeping interior details. Learn to get a good edge key using Keylight. Also using Keylight you can make and add an InMatte . Using a Roto shape you can make an OutMatte garbage matte.

Roto-splining the Flying Carrots

This tutorial was recorded at Greenwich University in 2020. This lesson was to demonstrate a VFX method for making a magic flying bowl of carrots. This is a basic lesson covering ROTOSCOPING, CLEAN PLATE use and MERGING to remove unwanted elements in the footage.

Herd Immunity

Nuke Tutorial - Clean Plate Prop Removal - The Levitating Colt 45 Pistol

A simple tutorial for merging through to a clean plate to make an object fly. We will remove the unwanted prop and hand of the operator to make the pistol appear to float into the air. This tutorial will teach skills in clean plate production and rotoscoping as well as simple grading and image manipulation

Intro to 3d Compositing and Projections in NukeX

Lecture at Greenwich University for the VFX Principles module 2020. Recreating a 2d still background in a 3d environment. Adding a chromakeyed person to the scene and making a 3d camera move into the scene. The tutorial is an introduction to the basic 3d nodes and to cards and projections within the 3d environment. Footage can be found and downloaded at the Hollywood Camera Work website . www.hollywoodcamerawork.com The warehouse can be found on Google

10 Feb 2020

Tutorial 01 - Basic Nuke Comping

So as part of my new role teaching VFX at the University of Greenwich I am recording tutorials which I have made. Here's the first one I've recorded from home. 

comp tutorial on youtube
click on pic to watch on Youtube

1 May 2019

Lenny and Spex 2d character animation

click image to view movie

Before last Christmas 2018 I worked at Toast TV in Soho on a 2d character animation in Aftereffects. The 30 second animation was a Trinidad cinema commercial for an optician.

16 Oct 2018

Sundance Film Festival Projections

3d render from 2014 project for the digital archives of the Sundance Film Festival. Sponsored by HP the archive was launched at the festival and I produced the HD projections for the room where the archive was being promoted. More images, movie and info about this project here.


8 Oct 2018

Music Promos and Event Graphics

I've worked on many pop promos and music ads and events since the early nineties. Amongst many artists I've made graphics featuring:  Bjork, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lana Del Ray, Abba, Frank Sinatra and a host of lesser known acts.

pop promo for Ultragirls

pop promo for Hannah
hologram for Lucianna
TV album promo for Italian boy band Il Volo
Abba animations hologram for Abba museum, Stockholm

pop promo for Zlata - Ukrainian Eurovision winner
Sinatra hologram for Simon Cowell
DJ Eric Pridz - Randstad hologram

30 Sep 2018

Gaming Graphics

There was a boom in online gambling around 2010 and I worked on a whole lot of different projects for brands Bet Fred, Sky Vegas, Poker Night Live, CelebPoker, Coral, Gala TV, Betfair TV, Racing Post, Bingo on the Box, Bingo Palace, Golden Palace, Super Free Bingo. There were a mixture of TV and online advertising plus we made actual programme and game onscreen graphics assets. Some graphics were for live playout systems - others for the programme editors to use. I made a short compilation showreel with some of the best bits here.

click image for gaming showreel

22 Sep 2018

3d Compilation

Olly Tyler Maya modeling, texturing, compositing, directing and supervising - taken from commercial and private projects between 1999-2016. I have been using Maya since it came out as version one. Before that I used Softimage for my 3d. I am expert at modelling, texturing, lighting, animation, rendering Mental Ray. I also know some dynamics, particles and rigging. One frame here actually shows models made from cardboard - maybe you can guess which one ?? ;)

7 Sep 2018

Hearst Magazine Promos

Recently I created three one minute spots for Hearst promoting their magazine subscriptions. The project involved making a 3d magazine that would bend convincingy and of which the pages could be flicked through to show content.

There were challenges keeping the pages from intersecting through each other and also moving pages relative to the spine of the magazine. Each page had to be able to bend as they flip so they looked convincingly  paper-like. 3d was all made and animated/rendered in Maya.

There were also 2d animations of text, logos, straps, prices etc. All 2d animation and compositing was achieved in AfterEffects


The  Magazines film included a 3d bow animation which ties around the magazines.

You can watch the film here.

10 Jul 2018

Motion Graphics

A selection of my Motion Graphics from over the years. 2d Aftereffects and with frequent 3d and live action elements.

To see less of my 3d work and more of these 2d motion graphics  I have this showreel.

for BBC Learning project

BBC title sequence
online spot for Hearst magazines
TV Title sequence characters
2d animation for staff training film - Nokia Academy
more motion graphics - click to enlarge

4 Jun 2017

Hologram Company Showreel

 I was asked to create a showreel with visual effects for holographic solution specialists Virtual Presence. 

Virtual Presence have products which use tablets and smart phones to create small scale holographic projections. I overlayed holographic content to footage of these devices to demonstrate thier function. Some of the content included was made at my former company SquareZero Ltd for the holographic leaders Musion. The image above features the award winning hologram content we made for the Laboutin exhibition at London's Design Museum.

Along with editing and 2d animation I also created various full promotional 3d renders of the boxes with branded 'skins'.

25 Feb 2016

3d Human Model

So I have made some simple 3d biped humanoids before and wanted to make a more realistic human generic male figure. I've been following some online tutorials and think I've got good topology for a low poly but well proportioned detailed figure. Finishing textures at the moment.

4 Jul 2015

Youtube tutorial

I just uploaded my first attempt at a Youtube 3d tutorial. Based on my earlier character tutorial from this blog, I do a walk through in the software with commentary / instructions. view it here.

25 Feb 2014

Sundance Film Festival Projections

Having worked on the Sundance Institute Center's wall projections in 2013 we were asked again to produce some eye catching content for the 2014 festival. This was the 30th anniversary of the festival so we made every effort to make the graphics as striking as possible. Two simultaneous HD projections flanked either side of a touchscreen wall area and the content was all themed to promote the HP sponsored digital archives and history of the festival dating back to the eighties.

The project was commisioned by Simon Collins of London agency GMR Marketing. I worked closely with Joel Harrison who had been a major contributor to the first 2013 festival project. We also took on great help from designer / animator's Jun Iwakawa and Ian Macklin.

See a movie cut of it here.

14 Aug 2013

CV Updates

just some of the letter 'O' shapes from the many jobs I've worked on. 

Here is an extract from my latest CV update outlining my skill set which I am now offering on a freelance basis.

- 3d Maya Generalist
- Creative Design
- Compositing
- Motion graphics and 2d animation
- VFX Supervision
- On Set Supervision
- Bidding / Costing VFX Shots and sequences
- Delivering VFX
- Client Facing
- Pre-vis, storyboarding, animatics
- CG enhanced Illustration & photographic retouching
- Team Management & Recruitment
- PR / Marketing
- Business development
- CG business administration and consultation

Software expertise: Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, ToonBoom, Filemaker

full details about me can be seen here.