11 Mar 2016

Illustrations for Energy Sector corporate publications

Here are some 2d drawings I made for two projects. One was a brochure publication to show a low impact oil and gas network in Africa. This was an orthographic style illustration of a landscape. The other graphic was for a safety video which I also animated and added motion graphics text and details.   ( click on pics to see in more detail ) 

Oil and Gas graphics and animations

I have had a considerable amount of experience creating graphics and animated explainers for energy sector corporate films. I worked on a series of these throughout 2013 and 2014.  Here are a series of stills showing some of the projects. Most of this work was 3d HD animation to show complex systems and layouts of subsea engineering, underground / geological and geographic data. There was always a need for realistic and accurate representations which would satisfy engineers and laymen.

25 Feb 2016

3d Human Model

So I have made some simple 3d biped humanoids before and wanted to make a more realistic human generic male figure. I've been following some online tutorials and think I've got good topology for a low poly but well proportioned detailed figure. Finishing textures at the moment.

8 Jul 2015

Matte painting backgrounds and virtual sets

Here is a selection of background art I have made over my career. They are for many different projects - mainly broadcast TV and commercials. There is a range of styles and techniques from paintbox, photo montage to 3d - and many which mix all three.

  Mazda commercial for Maverick. The entire background was made up from various stock photos. I then composited the full greenscreen studio footage in. Liquid TV 2003

Full 3d virtual set render. For Playstation software app. SquareZero 2006

3d virtual set for MessageLabs web commercial. 3d still renders improved in Photoshop and screen animations added in comp. SquareZero 2005

Animated reconstructions for 'I Caesar' BBC history documentary. Various scenes of Rome's forum  were recreated over footage of the existing locations. Traditional Matte Painting techniques. Liquid TV 2003

2d artwork backdrop for early concepts CBeebies 'Kerwhizz' kids show. SquareZero 2008

 Matte painting and compositing of VFX onto existing footage. Hi rez photo of gas plant was altered and redrawn to create a during and after image of plant which has been destroyed by explosion. Corporate graphics safety movie for Oman national oil company. SquareZero 2011

 Il Volo -  TVC for album launch. Photo montage backgrounds. Squarezero 2011

 Ultra Girls -  pop promo with 3d virtual backgrounds throughout. SquareZero 2010

4 Jul 2015

Youtube tutorial

I just uploaded my first attempt at a Youtube 3d tutorial. Based on my earlier character tutorial from this blog, I do a walk through in the software with commentary / instructions. view it here.

10 Jun 2015

Showreel for 2015

A new showreel combining material from my twenty years of computer graphics. My first ten years working at Liquid TV saw me making mainly broadcast TV title sequences. Most of the rest of the work is from the last ten years running my former company SquareZero. I have been freelance and working on a contract with Myriad nearly two years since then.

Showreel Olly Tyler 2015 from O.S.Tyler - CG artist on Vimeo.

29 Aug 2014

Udan Emas - an Animation of an Oil and Gas exploration project in Indonesia

I have been working almost a year full time at Myriad Global Media -  a corporate video production company who specialise in the energy sector. I have been tasked to bring together the disparate graphics resources for the companies growing animation output.  Mostly managing freelancers and doing design or research work for projects as well as trying to maintain a strong quality control standard. Recently I completed a project for KrisEnergy where I produced most of the 2d and 3d graphics and made the complete After-effects composite.

click image below to view movie on KrisEnergy's website
 link to KrisEnergy film

25 Feb 2014

Sundance Film Festival Projections

Having worked on the Sundance Institute Center's wall projections in 2013 we were asked again to produce some eye catching content for the 2014 festival. This was the 30th anniversary of the festival so we made every effort to make the graphics as striking as possible. Two simultaneous HD projections flanked either side of a touchscreen wall area and the content was all themed to promote the HP sponsored digital archives and history of the festival dating back to the eighties.

The project was commisioned by Simon Collins of London agency GMR Marketing. I worked closely with Joel Harrison who had been a major contributor to the first 2013 festival project. We also took on great help from designer / animator's Jun Iwakawa and Ian Macklin.

See a movie cut of it here.

14 Aug 2013

CV Updates

just some of the letter 'O' shapes from the many jobs I've worked on. 

Here is an extract from my latest CV update outlining my skill set which I am now offering on a freelance basis.

- 3d Maya Generalist
- Creative Design
- Compositing
- Motion graphics and 2d animation
- VFX Supervision
- On Set Supervision
- Bidding / Costing VFX Shots and sequences
- Delivering VFX
- Client Facing
- Pre-vis, storyboarding, animatics
- CG enhanced Illustration & photographic retouching
- Team Management & Recruitment
- PR / Marketing
- Business development
- CG business administration and consultation

Software expertise: Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, ToonBoom, Filemaker

full details about me can be seen here.

13 Jun 2013

Resigned from SquareZero


Two weeks ago I left SquareZero the company I started almost ten years ago. Looking for new creative freedom I decided to move on after I spent almost a year doing a handover of the company to the new management.

We did some great stuff there with the changing team over the years and I'm very proud of what was achieved. The in house team and the favourite freelancers + collaborators produced well over a thousand projects in those ten years and hopefully they will continue turning out great work.

I'm looking out for new opportunities for the future - something the same something different, not sure what yet. I happily intend to continue offering support and further services to SquareZero wherever we can mutually benefit.

Here are a set of design ideas for the SquareZero logo which I was figuring out back in 2003:

23 May 2013

Eurovision Song Contest Promo

We made a fantasy world high end promo for Zlata Ognevich. We were asked to create an immersive animation for Zlata’s entry, Gravity, which was performed at the Eurovision Finals in Malmo, Sweden in May. Zlata came within 20 points of the eventual winner Denmark and she finished third in the end.

I headed the animation department which included all our guys plus some of our favourite freelancers to do some serious compositing, chromakeying, tracking and effects.  I personally composited the pictured scenes as well as making the 3d diamonds.

The video can be seen here on YouTube where it's had 2.5 million hits. 

21 May 2013

Fairy Party Invite

Brief to make a party invite for a fantasy themed fancy dress party.

17 Mar 2013

My Parents are Aliens

Job I storyboarded and animated, found in online archive:

Liquid Television Graphics was commissioned by Granada Media children's producer Beryl Richards to produce the titles for new comedy series My Parents Are Aliens. Designed by Tim Varlow, they were made in a 2D 1950s comic-book style, reflecting the show's storyline of two aliens who crash land in Surbiton and become parents to three orphaned children. Animated in Matador and composited in Illusion by Olly Tyler and Thorston Rienth, the new series debuts on Tuesday (9 November) on CITV.

Broadcast Magazine
5 November, 1999

10 Feb 2013

New 3d models from 2012

To brush up on some modelling skills last year made a few new models. There was an oil refinery - full of a tangle of complex pipes and engineering and also a set swords and blades from different historical periods. Also a set of oil paints picked up and improved from a model started six years ago.

4 Feb 2013

WAA Mannequins

A job we did at SquareZero a few years ago that still makes me smile. The brief was unusual for us in that it was fro a print campaign only - so no animation needed. The dummies were made in Maya using some generic human figure. Jonson awkwardly bent them into stiff poses and rendered them high resolution. The photo backgrounds were supplied by the agency and we integrated them in Photoshop.