15 Dec 2010

RIP My Softwares

Mattisse  1988-90  Paintbox system running on Cambridge based Spaceward Graphics Ltd. An early competitor of the more famous Quantel Paintbox which won a legal battle against them killing them in 1990. Quantel also sued Photoshop on similar grounds but lost the case later in '97.

Avid Media Illusion -  One of the first high end node based compositing systems
Cyborg -

Avid Matador  -  Great 2d animation package / paintbox  RIP 1998

5D Cyborg - 2001 - very fast online compositing software to give Flame a run for its money- only lasted a year or two

Shake 1997-2006 - boo hoo - I'll have to go and learn Nuke

My first 3d workstation will be 20 years old

The Iris Indigo from Silicon Graphics was made in 1991. We got one at Liquid that cost about £20,000  or something like that with the software. As I remember we used 3d animation package called Acrobat ( no relation to Adobe product ). Alias and Wavefront products were also available.
Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo:
CPU:      33MHz Mips R3000A processor with R3010A FPU,
          32KB instruction cache, 32KB data cache
RAM:      16MB Ram (8-96MB available)
Storage:  426MB Scsi fixed disk (see text)
1024 x 768 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate
Software: Irix system R4.0; 4Dwm OSF/Motif-compliant window
          manager; Iris Workspace desktop; Anvil 5000 R2.1