Selected projects from my work at Liquid and SquareZero. 1996 - 2013


Brand movies and graphics for a wide range of channels, products and service companies:
Avenue 11 - iptv channel idents and sets. Astra virtual reality car launch. Baby Channel - channel brand. Bite Yer Legs -Production company ident. Blink Tv. Bosch - Rotak. Camel - cigarette machine signage. Chellomedia - media company branding. CrackIt Productions. Disney Europe - 12 x brand promo interstitials. EeZeeTV - channel idents. Discovery Channel idents, Discovery MTS sponsorship idents, Comedy Channel idents, Xtreme Sports Channel idents, Golf Bug TV - channel Ident. Cartoon Network ident, Nicktoons TV idents. Granada Films logo. JML Direct - channel brand. JML Extra - channel brand. MS&L Showreel. Natwest cricket ball – Facility. Nokia N8. Robots - TV6 - Channel idents for Swedish channel. Rough Cut - Production company ident. Royal Bank of Scotland - 'The Business'. Shop Now TV - channel brand. ShopNow TV - channel idents. Simply TV - channel idents. Sports Exchange TV.  TV1000 Ident. UK TV Food. YouTube Original Channels, Zone TV - channel idents.

My background's firmly rooted in broadcast design and I'd still love to make great TV graphics and promos.

Angela and Friends, Ballet Hoo, Bea and Sam, BBCi, Beautiful People, Bingo on the Box, Cutting Club, Dokument 3, Disney Real Friends,  KerWhizz Pilot BBC, Kyle's Academy, LoveTrap, Globetrekker Maps, Ondska, Poker Night LScience You Can't See – BBC4, Slave To Fashion, Sports Xchange TV,  Technology For Life, The Heist, TV6 Idents, Eurotrash, Top Gear, As If, Clarkson, Ancient Warriors, I Caesar, Horizon, The Girly Show, Treks in a Wild World, Globetrekker,
ive, Poker Scope, Playdate,

I have worked on selection of the following commercials for TV, web or signage:

BetFred, K'nex toys, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory digital signage. British Legion Poppyman, Lana del Rey album release, Betfair, Cetaphil skin cream, Flomax P-Man, Golden Palace, Guinness World Records, il Volo album promo, JML promo graphics, Mazda Virals, MTS / Discovery for Russia. Sominex Sheep - animated commercial for Toast. Super free Bingo, Van Dal Shoes, RBS promo, Vauxhall Astra Trailer / 360 VR for TRO - IVCA gold award.

Delivering graphics, training films, visualisations and promotional movies for use by the following brands:
Aegis, Agfa, Anglo-American cat, Audi, Aquafresh, BP, Bosch, Boots, Bupa, BT, Cisco, Chevron, COI, Deutsche Bank, Digitas, Flomax, Ernst and Young, Hewlett Packard, Holiday Inn, Lexus, LG, Lloyds TSB, Mazda, McLaren, Mini, MessageLabs, Nissan Nocturne, National Blood Service, NatWest, Nokia. Ogilvy healthcare 'mode of action' medical visualistions. Playstation, Pepsi, Red Row, Rover, Rostelcom, SaaSinsure, Samsung, Sony, Speedo, Shell, Toyota, Thales, Thomson, Turbuhaler AR app, Vauxhall, Vodafone, Western Geco, Yota, Zovirax.

When I set up SquareZero it was to make film effects for the Russian film 'Miracles' and we made a few film title sequences since then as well:
Gracie, Moussaka and Chips, Miracles In Reshetova, Sisterhood.

Whilst at SquareZero I worked with the team to create hologram media for a large range of events. Here is a selection of the more prominent projects:

Abbaworld - Earls Court, Abba Museum, Afromedia, Agfa trade show, Audi Moscow, BT conference event, Cyberdolls - DJ Ursula, Caterpillar Munich trade show, Colt with Ferrari, Dubai Properties, Frank Sinatra for Simon Cowell, Foynes museum hologram, GT Bank - Nigerian bank, i.am Plus at Selfridges, Jake's BarMitzvah, Laboutin retrospective at the Design Museum, LG phone launch with David Blaine, Martini, Morecombe and Wise for Children in Need, Mobitel - African mobile phone company. Paul Arden resurrected for Saatchi's at Cannes Lions, HRH Prince Charles virtual appearance, Kuwait National Day, Rostelcom telecoms event, Randstad, Rock 3D - Entertainment installation in Gibraltar. Speedo Lzr Racer launch, Toyota Auris Promo (IVCA Award for Innovation), Swan Lake - Russian Ballet. Thales flight simulator launch, Transaero airline anniversary, Urjuan Nights, Vodafone.

I've worked on animations and graphics for lots of funky kids and adult fun animation stuff. Disney Real Friends, Dustbunnies proposal, Kerwhizz design, My Parents are Aliens, The Tweenies, Eurotrash, Nicktoons TV, Comedy Channel, Star Street.

Pop promos: Bobina - Angel of the North, Hannah 'I Believe', Kid British'Sunny Days', Ultragirls 'Girls will be Girls'. Zlata 'Gravity' for the Eurovision song contest.

We were working on auto-stereo '3d without glasses' three years before Sky and all the stereoscopic movies came out:
Bosch Garden Tools, Burberry fashion show, Geco UNIQ product launch, Ogilvy Health mode of action, Toyota Auris, Promax Awards.