14 Feb 2012

Architectural, interiors

3d environments, buildings and interiors have featured in  a range of my work over the years. Its always good to populate and light up a space. These images show work from corporates, branding projects, virtual sets and pitches among others.

Virtual set - Golf TV

Playstation hub project interior

Playstation hub project interior

interior of Dr Evil style villain's HQ - corporate video

Arabic style house - property development pitch

arabic house rendered with surroundings.

City scene for road planning visualisation
council block for development of animated series concept.
interior bathroom render - for pitch
interior living room - for pitch
rendering test from CAD model conversion
Virtual TV set design for Health Zone TV
Virtual set design for Gala Bingo 

CG interior and bath from feature film 'Miracles in Reshetova'

Bahrain desert fortress

Oil refinery

the senate house of the Roman forum (  for BBC )

Architectural buildings for holographic presentation

House design

Mecca transport system planning

proposal for new bridge in Nigeria

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