29 Mar 2010

Avatars and Sprites

Some character icons made as an exercise in making multiple characters from a small set of quick change costume parts, hairstyles and colours. If you have 5 trousers, 5 tops and 5 heads you can make a whopping 125 different avatar type characters - and thats without colour varaition included.


Set of sprite style characters I designed into a sketchbook summer 2011. I scanned them all in and traced / inked them in Painter. Some colours yet to come maybe.

15 Mar 2010

Kids and Fun Title Designs

I found a good compilation image of some of my work from before SquareZero when I was still at Liquid TV. This is all stuff from our old showreel called 'Kids and Fun' . I designed the titles for the first series of  'My Parents are Aliens' as well as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls 'River Cottage' .  My artwork and animation / compositing appears in Eurotrash and Nicktoons idents also. 

My Nicktoons idents won a Promax award back in the day. SquareZero is currently developing our own children's TV series - hope it comes off, there's certainly been a lot of interest in it from the commissioners.

I still see my titles for The Tweenies airing perpetually on the kids channels. I composited the green screen Tweenies into a 2d and 3d CGI world that I made for them - all bright colours and blocky shapes. Animation was done with Softimage or XSi because it was before I learned Maya.


Kids TV series concept

These were concept drawings commissioned by a major terrestial TV channel for the pilot of a new kids series some two years ago. The little characters would be 3d animations and represent small children.

another different character from the same show was cyborg type robot man who was later changed to be a boy. 

Some examples of the environments were worked out as well - these environment concepts would eventually all be realised as 3d animations.

13 Mar 2010

Character Designs

More character designs knocking about the hard drive. These were mostly for animation series development projects or pitches I worked on for our company SquareZero Ltd

Elric and a zombie

my version of Elric - an albino warrior / magician from the books of Michael Moorcock

a horrible anatomic zombie skinned and peeled. ( or a holidaymaker who fell asleep in the sun somewhere on the Equator )

sketch fleshed out

This sketch was made for  a pitch ages ago and I recently found it and resurrected it. The concept was taken away from a superhero type costume and into a more military type cloth uniform.

Character designs work in progress

Some old and recent illustration work I've put together over last few years - some sort of gladiators and a scary norseman.


5 Mar 2010

Tudor Town. stage 1

update on a personal project work in progress

A Tudor London was a project I started as a 2d matte painting some time ago. Recently wanted to brush up on UV texture mapping so I came back to the idea. The models are very simple low poly models with less than 100 facets each. The textures are small 512x512 so I should be able to make a scene with many of them eventually. Modelling and texturing gets quicker as you make them because parts can be recycled, recoloured, sampled, rescaled. Because of the simplicity a town of many hundreds of houses could be achieved later on, although I will need to model more distinctive architecture such as bridges, churches etc. These houses will need chimneys and a few additional details before they are finished. All work using Autodesk Maya.