24 Jun 2011


For a TV show title sequence pitch some while ago. At SquareZero I led the team in designing some gangsters in various 2d and 3d styles. There's a GTA type one and some using Poser figures put into one of our urban environments.

Kids Stuff

2d and 3d art and design for various kids TV shows in development. Click on images to enlarge. Our company has developed several of its own animated series and we also were contracted by the BBC to develop the pitch of it's successful kids series Kerwhizz.


22 Jun 2011

Characters compiled

I have recompiled some older character designs to contrast the styles and range. Mostly fantasy, sci-fi and pseudo historical themed. All done as exercises,  mostly in Photoshop.  Click on either montage to enlarge.

21 Jun 2011

Fantasy Environments

A roughly half way finished environment concept painting. Large amount of foliage and architecture needing more texture and refinement. Perspective is wobbly everwhere - this is what happens when I dont do a 3d base model as a starting point ( see viking port below ).

see my 3d tudor buildings here

Another unpolished fantasy place is my 'mushroom village' - a more light hearted place - probably home to some smurf-like pixies or something:

Game art minipics

Some sketchbook drawings scanned in, with one to show how they could look coloured up. Another little job left as a WIP.

Viking Settlement

Using Photoshop over a few nights the basic 3d model took on some real atmosphere and texture. There is a misty depth of field which I think works - as well as frosty outer edges and the muddy tracks and puddles. The shallow water is working quite well although I'm not sure about water surface. I've based the houses on some research I did and I'm hoping it captures the mood of a dark ages settlement ok.    click pic to enlarge. 

( below ) This is the 3d base model for the matte painting / environment project. The viking ship was made much earlier and the houses / trees are very simple speed modelling to give me a solid base for my subsequent overpainting. The only texture painted was the ground itself which gives me a great starting point  - especially within the shadow areas of the houses.

Wild West town WIP

A work in progress building wild west frontier town in an orthographic view. Using Flash and the gridlock. At some point will move it into Photoshop to rough it up and add details. The fixed perspective means I can copy some details like doors and windows more easily in Flash. There are a few steps and things at the edges which havent found homes yet.

Roman Villa

An exercise in simple modelling and UV texturing. Trying to get a realistic look and believable architecture. Made in Maya one evening.  Also check out my tudor textured buildings here.