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This is my latest 2015 showreel put together with elements of best work I've done over the years. There's quite a range of different things cobbled together.

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Olly showreel 2015

Below is the 2013 showreel of my company SquareZero which I founded in 2004 . I have directed and been responsible for all animation and post production within the company since it began. I have also designed, composited, modelled and animated a fair proportion of this work personally.

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breakdown of titles for 2015 reel:

00:01 Toyota Auris promo hologram,
00:04 Martini promo hologram,
00:13 Zlata - Eurovision 2013,
00:22 Mermaid from Russian feature film,
00:28 MTS / Discovery Channel promo,
00:33 As If TV titles
00:42 Transaero - Russian airline promo hologram
00:55 Speedo hologram featuring Michael Phelps
01:04 Yota ' Swan Lake' hologram
01:13 Will I Am hologram
01:20 Toyota Auris promo hologram,
01:25 Nicktoons TV channel ident
01:29 My Parents are Aliens - titles for TV
01:34 Hoolabula - channel idents TV4
01:36 Tweenies - TV titles
01:40 Kerwhizz - pilot design project Cbeebies
01:50 River Cottage - original series titles
01:57 The Heist - TV titles
02:03 Beautiful People - BBC titles
02:07 Clarkson - tv chat show graphics
02:10 Pukka Tukka w Jamie Oliver - dvd graphics
02:18 Dokument 3 - tv graphics
02:24 Greyhound TV - channel idents
02:30 Chellomedia - corporate graphics
02:36 Mercedes promo for SquareZero
02:39 Rotak POS promo for Bosch
02:51 Osteoarthritis medical visualisation
03:02 Oil and gas visualisation
03:21 Gapuma logistics web promo
03:36 Chissonga oil and gas visualisation
03:57 Madagsacar oil and gas visualisation
04:14 Colt hologram
04:28 Oil and gas promo for Western Geco
04:38 idents for Viasat TV channel
04:49 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory promo for digital signage
04:51 Laboutin exhibition hologram for the Design Museum, London
05:02 Abba hologram for Abba Museum, Stockholm
05:07 Sominex TVC
05:14 Anglo American Cat web promo
05:20 Nokia academy corporate video