11 May 2009

Science you cant see

Our friend at Red Bee brought us her design for a promo to a knew BBC factual series about science behind everyday appliances and applications. It had a few moody elements to depict the driven almost obsessional pursuit for knowledge of the scientists.

the Heist

during the summer after the disastrous fiasco with the Russian movie which had ended with Dmitry having to go find a proper job I was left with a studio and equipment but no work or partners. However the rent was very cheap on our first Shoreditch studio ( literally a square room ) so I took out a loan, paid off debts and carried on doing little jobs for JML shopping channel and odd little things for design company Fibre. The independance was pretty great after 10 years at Liquid TV.

 Then I briefly teamed up with pal Ian who helped me get this TV title sequence for Windfall Films. I had previously worked on two Windfall titles at Liquid so we all I knew I could do a good job . This was only the second title sequence I've ever designed as well as animate ( I also did My Parents are Aliens before at Liquid )

the show was on Channel Four - about a group of ex cons challenged to try a pull off some staged robberies with real security etc. The animation was 2d Flash and ToonBoom, with some 3d elements - the van and camera.

Baby Channel idents

with Vicky onboard , SquareZero finally got moving and networking. Leon Hawthorne was also in a start up company position when he approached us to brand his Baby Channel for which he had recently found funding to launch on Sky. Of course the funding barely stretched to graphics so the entire channel brand along with various programme titles were done for a low budget in which I designed various parts and Vicky dealt with a crazy three day shoot involving loads of kids, parents and friends helping out as extras. Jon had joined as junior animator and various freelancers put their hand in so we felt like a proper company with a proper commision at last.

Film effects work 'Miracles in Reshetova'

I set up SquareZero with Dmitri Lavrov end of 2003  - the idea was to produce special effects for a russian directors film. We made forty plus scenes of varying degrees of difficulty . They included a CG creature, a talking cat, a mermaid, magical transformations, melting bodies and a witch flying in a washing machine. The two of us spent four months working 12- 18 hour days using just the first Apple G5 and an IBM workstation. It went horribly overbudget and the director ripped us off balance payments so the company nearly went bust before it had even started. It took a year of hard scraping and begging for small jobs before we really got going again.

8 May 2009

Travel drawing ' skullman'

You think scabby London beggars can look down on their luck ? then go to India. We saw this man who had no eyes or nose ( thats cotton wool stuck in the hole ) begging by a bus station in Northern India. All his teeth were in a bad way as well and can't imagine he had long left. 

7 May 2009


Recently been plundering our 3d models archive and using some of the parts to come up with some monster spaceships. Like most of the stuff on this blog it's all work in progress -  ie I never finished it !

Traders and villagers

Some character and costume designs for some fantasy / medieval types


Some sketches and designs for some pirate era characters. Spring 2009

Biblical Musion hologram designs

ideas for a never realised project putting biblical holograms into a massive high tech US church.