1 Oct 2012

Glittering gemstones

A project called for some sparkling diamonds. Although we already had some from before we needed a range of types of stone. I was interested by the structure and the shading / raytracing techniques involved so I looked for online tutorials. I followed an excellent one by an Indian guy - unfortunately cannot find again now. I made this selection from his set up - they really glint when animated.

3d Map of Europe

This 3d model is designed to be a simplified fully customisable map of Europe. Each country perfectly fits into it's neighbours. The effect is you cannot see borders unless you change country colouring. All countries are arranged so they can be labelled or grouped according to EU membership.

WW2 Destroyer

I found some great naval plans online for WW2 British destroyers. When I saw the elevations and deck plans plus a set of model kit instructions I though the model had to be made. Using Maya 2011 I put together a fairly simple model that would be low poly were it not for the railings going right around the deck. I also found quite a few photographs of the same or similar classes of destroyers - so I had good reference material for all colours, textures and materials.

14 Mar 2012

Oil plant explosion vfx

A safety video was filmed by Myriad Global Media as a 'what if' drama. For the finale they asked me to make a huge explosion which devastates the unlucky Omani oil plant. Along with Jon Ossitt we made  key parts of the buildings and installations in 3d so we could blow them apart. Animated 3d debris flew all around. I also drew up the blackened overlays for 'after' the destruction. Using Nuke I composited over ten footage explosions, smoke and fires along with wipes for  the mattes, heatwave distortions, animated masks, shake and grading / lighting effects. BOOM !

(click on to enlarge )

13 Mar 2012

Fifties Project

A collection of 1950's themed 3d models to practice my lighting and rendering skills in Maya. Using Maya with MentalRay and testing out some of the cool nDynamics features in the recent versions of Maya. Trying out glows, neons, refractions and environment maps as well- not to mention modelling berries and cherries.

I got this great Wurlitzer from Turbosquid and I've been relighting and texturing the whole thing.

An ice-cream sundae type dessert which I have modelled from scratch. Mental ray rendering and layered shaders to get a good semi- melted ice cream texture.

Ice- cubes splash into the nDynamics drink

Ice cubes and invisible inner glass model are made collision objects.

Then a gravity force is added plus a vortex to spin them in the glass. The nDynamics liquid is set to collide with the ice causing some good splashing and slooshing. When the ice is in the fluid the trick was to lower the gravity suddenly so they didnt just drop straight to the bottom of the glass but so they would swirl around in the liquid. When the gravity was released sometimes the ice cubes would bounce out and float off under their own simulated velocity !

The cars are from our archive - I had to take the basic meshes from .obj import and reassign all materials and textures

14 Feb 2012


I have a few sketches based on Martian landscapes - after reading Kim Stanley Holmes books about terraforming the red planet. One is made in layers for a parallax scrolling game - just a test.

Architectural, interiors

3d environments, buildings and interiors have featured in  a range of my work over the years. Its always good to populate and light up a space. These images show work from corporates, branding projects, virtual sets and pitches among others.

Virtual set - Golf TV

Playstation hub project interior

Playstation hub project interior

interior of Dr Evil style villain's HQ - corporate video

Arabic style house - property development pitch

arabic house rendered with surroundings.

City scene for road planning visualisation
council block for development of animated series concept.
interior bathroom render - for pitch
interior living room - for pitch
rendering test from CAD model conversion
Virtual TV set design for Health Zone TV
Virtual set design for Gala Bingo 

CG interior and bath from feature film 'Miracles in Reshetova'

Bahrain desert fortress

Oil refinery

the senate house of the Roman forum (  for BBC )

Architectural buildings for holographic presentation

House design

Mecca transport system planning

proposal for new bridge in Nigeria

5 Feb 2012

Scientist Portraits

I've been working on a personal project about histories most famous scientists. Out of a list I've made up with fifty names I've managed to draw and colour four of them. Vector art all drawn using Flash.

Isaac Newton has a certain gravity about him.

Radioactivity. Discovered by Madame Curie

Albert Einstein is a relatively well known scientist.

Democritus - father of modern science , not democracy - as far as I'm aware.

24 Jan 2012

2d Animations compiled

This is a small compilation of some of my best 2d animation work - mostly TV title sequences which I made whilst at Liquid TV.  I've been lucky to work on a wide range of styles in 2d from text to cartoons. Some of my title sequence for the Tweenies and My Parents are Aliens are still being broadcast today.

  1. The Heist.  Titles produced at SquareZero Ltd.  Design and animation.
  2. Return to River Cottage.  Titles produced at Liquid TV.  Character design and animation.
  3. Unzipped.  Titles, produced at Liquid TV. Animation.
  4. Date That.  Titles, produced at Liquid TV. Design and animation.
  5. My Parents are Aliens.  Titles, produced at Liquid TV. Design and animation.
  6. Nokia Salesman of the Year. Corporate produced at SquareZero Ltd.  Design and animation.
  7. Baby Channel. Channel branding produced at SquareZero Ltd.  Design and animation.
  8. JML Elves. TV commercial produced at SquareZero Ltd.  Design and animation.
  9. Building of the year.  Titles, produced at Liquid TV. Design and animation.