About Me

I am a bright creative artist and director with twenty years of animation and effects  experience. I love to make fascinating motion graphics and visual effects across a broad spectrum of visual media for broadcast TV, web, events, film and commercials. I founded and ran my own award winning company for nine years where I learnt about  management of great talent and supervision of CGI projects. There and previously during my ten years in Soho we worked on many big brands, well know TV shows and cutting edge holographic events. Always involved with projects in a hands on fashion I work with all the studio tools available and I am equally capable working with 2d, 3d and compositing softwares. I thrive on the challenge to design, solve and create any idea that can be imagined. My passion is to make inspiring visuals and put them on screen.


I have been making computer graphics and digital effects sequences since 1993. Having spent eleven years working in Soho at the heart of the UK post production industry, I then founded the design and animation house SquareZero in Sept 2003 and was a director and partner there until summer 2013.

Having been interested in Computer Graphics since school, I studied Graphic Design in 1988 where I produced early work on the college's only graphics workstation - an 8 bit Paintbox called a Pluto5000. 

Whilst living in Norwich three years later I found work as an artist and assistant animator for the Travelling Matte Company - the visual effects company behind ITV cult show 'Knightmare' - pioneering bluescreen live action and early CGI techniques. Moving to the company's Wardour Street studio I worked as runner and on concept artwork by day whilst training in digital graphics by night.  When the three senior staff of Traveling Matte left to form their own company named Liquid TV Graphics, they took me with them as their first employee.

During ten years working at Liquid TV, I worked on the wide range of title sequences and television graphics which the company became famous for. Broadcast graphics were made by me for notable shows such as The Tweenies, Eurotrash, River Cottage, Top Gear, Horizon, Place in The Sun. As well as programme graphics I worked at Liquid on channel branding for the likes of Discovery Channel, Comedy Channel, Cartoon Network and the Extreme Sports Channel. Two sequences Olly worked on won prestigious industry awards for Liquid TV.

After leaving Liquid in 2002 and a year off travelling I was called up by an ex colleague called Dmitry who was still at Liquid.  He asked if I was interested in joining him spend the winter making visual effects for a russian feature film. Jumping at the chance we set up SquareZero Ltd in late 2003 at a tiny office in Shoreditch, East London with just two PCs and one of the new 64 bit Macs - then called a G5.

Some time later in 2004 after the film work was completed and Dmitry had moved on to work at Filmlight, I called in a new partner, Vicky Godfrey. Vicky had worked at Liquid and was at the time I called working as a production manager at the BBC. With Vicky together we grew SquareZero into a small self sufficient company by working on a mixture of projects. Tackling all creative work for a while with only a few freelancers, interns and juniors Olly put all his wide experience to good use getting projects out door as fast as Vicky could bring them in. To take the company to the next step - winning more prestigious pitches proved difficult at first.  Vicky and I decided to bring another partner into the company - Najma Bhatti - to act as designer and art director for prospective projects.

For eight years I shared the duties of running SquareZero with my two co directors. I managed the company studio and was responsible for overseeing production of animators and compositors, quality control and planning at all stages of pipeline. I still spent half my week working animating, designing or compositing on projects along with general overseeing and management duties.

My partners were bought out by a new investor in 2012 and after a one year handover period I have also parted with the company for new challenges and opportunities. I'm seeking to work as an employee or in a freelance capacity on creative and interesting projects.

- 3d Maya Generalist
- Creative Design
- Compositing
- Motion graphics and 2d animation
- VFX Supervision
- On Set Supervision
- Bidding / Costing VFX Shots and sequences
- Delivering VFX
- Client Facing
- Pre-vis, storyboarding, animatics
- CG enhanced Illustration & photographic retouching
- Team Management & Recruitment
- PR / Marketing
- Business development
- CG business administration and consultation


1986-1987   North East Essex School of Art. Graphic Design 

Travelling Matte Company -  Norwich, Norfolk + Soho, London 
Runner, storyboarding, digital artwork, assistant animator

Liquid TV. Soho, London
Senior animator and compositor. Responsible for most 2D projects, compositing and creative artwork in range of television broadcast, cable and commercial titles and effects sequences.

Strong visual memory and artistic ability combined with diverse software skills. Able to create digital matte paintings, 3D models, textures and full motion integrated digital composites.

SquareZero. Shoreditch, London.     Founder, partner, managing director.

Head of animation. Responsible for overseeing production of animators and compositors, quality control and planning at all stages of pipeline. Managing and hiring creative staff, organizing division of labour, implementing resources to the best possible use. 

My role encompassed acting as company consultant on all techniques and possibilities of post production from planning, budgeting, visual effects supervision,  to technical specifications. 

I was also tackling project scheduling, client management, systems and database administration as well as updating news, online portfolios and press releases.

I also continued working on projects either as a designer or doing hands on animation or compositing work.

Current Software skills


Industry Awards

INTERMEDIA 2014:  Gold Award for Brochure Illustration
LIVECOM 2012:    Award for Cultural and The Arts
LIVECOM 2012:    Award for Heritage
MAMAS 2010:       Best Corporate Content
LIVECOM 2010:    Award for Innovation
LIVECOM 2010:    Award for International Entertainment
IVCA GOLD 2010: Award for International Entertainment
LIVECOM 2007:    Award winners for Innovation
PROMAX  2001:    Gold award for TV title sequence
PROMAX  1998:    Silver award for channel idents