1 Oct 2012

Glittering gemstones

A project called for some sparkling diamonds. Although we already had some from before we needed a range of types of stone. I was interested by the structure and the shading / raytracing techniques involved so I looked for online tutorials. I followed an excellent one by an Indian guy - unfortunately cannot find again now. I made this selection from his set up - they really glint when animated.

3d Map of Europe

This 3d model is designed to be a simplified fully customisable map of Europe. Each country perfectly fits into it's neighbours. The effect is you cannot see borders unless you change country colouring. All countries are arranged so they can be labelled or grouped according to EU membership.

WW2 Destroyer

I found some great naval plans online for WW2 British destroyers. When I saw the elevations and deck plans plus a set of model kit instructions I though the model had to be made. Using Maya 2011 I put together a fairly simple model that would be low poly were it not for the railings going right around the deck. I also found quite a few photographs of the same or similar classes of destroyers - so I had good reference material for all colours, textures and materials.