13 Mar 2012

Fifties Project

A collection of 1950's themed 3d models to practice my lighting and rendering skills in Maya. Using Maya with MentalRay and testing out some of the cool nDynamics features in the recent versions of Maya. Trying out glows, neons, refractions and environment maps as well- not to mention modelling berries and cherries.

I got this great Wurlitzer from Turbosquid and I've been relighting and texturing the whole thing.

An ice-cream sundae type dessert which I have modelled from scratch. Mental ray rendering and layered shaders to get a good semi- melted ice cream texture.

Ice- cubes splash into the nDynamics drink

Ice cubes and invisible inner glass model are made collision objects.

Then a gravity force is added plus a vortex to spin them in the glass. The nDynamics liquid is set to collide with the ice causing some good splashing and slooshing. When the ice is in the fluid the trick was to lower the gravity suddenly so they didnt just drop straight to the bottom of the glass but so they would swirl around in the liquid. When the gravity was released sometimes the ice cubes would bounce out and float off under their own simulated velocity !

The cars are from our archive - I had to take the basic meshes from .obj import and reassign all materials and textures

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