10 Jun 2015

Showreel for 2015

A new showreel combining material from my twenty years of computer graphics. My first ten years working at Liquid TV saw me making mainly broadcast TV title sequences. Most of the rest of the work is from the last ten years running my former company SquareZero. I have been freelance and working on a contract with Myriad nearly two years since then.

Showreel Olly Tyler 2015 from O.S.Tyler - CG artist on Vimeo.

breakdown of titles:

00:01 Toyota Auris promo hologram,
00:04 Martini promo hologram,
00:13 Zlata - Eurovision 2013,
00:22 Mermaid from Russian feature film,
00:28 MTS / Discovery Channel promo,
00:33 As If TV titles
00:42 Transaero - Russian airline promo hologram
00:55 Speedo hologram featuring Michael Phelps
01:04 Yota ' Swan Lake' hologram
01:13 Will I Am hologram
01:20 Toyota Auris promo hologram,
01:25 Nicktoons TV channel ident
01:29 My Parents are Aliens - titles for TV
01:34 Hoolabula - channel idents TV4
01:36 Tweenies - TV titles
01:40 Kerwhizz - pilot design project Cbeebies
01:50 River Cottage - original series titles
01:57 The Heist - TV titles
02:03 Beautiful People - BBC titles
02:07 Clarkson - tv chat show graphics
02:10 Pukka Tukka w Jamie Oliver - dvd graphics
02:18 Dokument 3 - tv graphics
02:24 Greyhound TV - channel idents
02:30 Chellomedia - corporate graphics
02:36 Mercedes promo for SquareZero
02:39 Rotak POS promo for Bosch
02:51 Osteoarthritis medical visualisation
03:02 Oil and gas visualisation
03:21 Gapuma logistics web promo
03:36 Chissonga oil and gas visualisation
03:57 Madagsacar oil and gas visualisation
04:14 Colt hologram
04:28 Oil and gas promo for Western Geco
04:38 idents for Viasat TV channel
04:49 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory promo for digital signage
04:51 Laboutin exhibition hologram for the Design Museum, London
05:02 Abba hologram for Abba Museum, Stockholm
05:07 Sominex TVC
05:14 Anglo American Cat web promo
05:20 Nokia academy corporate video

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