19 Jun 2018

Building realistic 3d models

Submarine remotely operated vehicle ( ROV ) - 3d model for oil and gas project

I have recently moved back to London after over a year in Suffolk. Whilst away from the industry I was mainly working on making some 3d models including this deep sea robot submersible. I 've also been learning to sculpt with Mudbox and Zbrush.

I'm now actively looking for work in either a freelance or contract capacity.  I have a huge amount of all round motion graphics experience but I'd describe myself as a mid level  designer (  Aftereffects ) and  a  mid level 3d generalist ( Maya ).

I also have used Nuke, Photoshop and Premiere extensively - I can make storyboards, render and edit happily mixing and switching between 2d, 3d and live action.

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