10 Jun 2020

L'Art de Guerre on Tabletop Simulator Tutorials


I made a set of simple tutorials on the basics of setting up the wargame L'Art de la Guerre on Tabletop simulator.  You can go to the first one by clicking here or the on the picture above.

The other two tutorials are here:

Terrain Deployment
Army Deployment

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Paul Thompson said...

Hi, a group of us have been following your work on Tabletop simulatior and Youtube. We play a game called To the Strongest.

During lockdown we have been playing a To the Strongest competition with players around the world. We are looking to continue to play on-line games around the world, possibly a world championships, when lockdown ends using an Italian wars based set of armies would it be possible to talk to you about this and your work on Youtube?

We would like to send you a, free, set of rules to see if you would be interested.