15 Mar 2010

Kids and Fun Title Designs

I found a good compilation image of some of my work from before SquareZero when I was still at Liquid TV. This is all stuff from our old showreel called 'Kids and Fun' . I designed the titles for the first series of  'My Parents are Aliens' as well as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls 'River Cottage' .  My artwork and animation / compositing appears in Eurotrash and Nicktoons idents also. 

My Nicktoons idents won a Promax award back in the day. SquareZero is currently developing our own children's TV series - hope it comes off, there's certainly been a lot of interest in it from the commissioners.

I still see my titles for The Tweenies airing perpetually on the kids channels. I composited the green screen Tweenies into a 2d and 3d CGI world that I made for them - all bright colours and blocky shapes. Animation was done with Softimage or XSi because it was before I learned Maya.


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