15 Dec 2010

My first 3d workstation will be 20 years old

The Iris Indigo from Silicon Graphics was made in 1991. We got one at Liquid that cost about £20,000  or something like that with the software. As I remember we used 3d animation package called Acrobat ( no relation to Adobe product ). Alias and Wavefront products were also available.
Silicon Graphics Iris Indigo:
CPU:      33MHz Mips R3000A processor with R3010A FPU,
          32KB instruction cache, 32KB data cache
RAM:      16MB Ram (8-96MB available)
Storage:  426MB Scsi fixed disk (see text)
1024 x 768 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate
Software: Irix system R4.0; 4Dwm OSF/Motif-compliant window
          manager; Iris Workspace desktop; Anvil 5000 R2.1

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