15 Dec 2010

RIP My Softwares

Mattisse  1988-90  Paintbox system running on Cambridge based Spaceward Graphics Ltd. An early competitor of the more famous Quantel Paintbox which won a legal battle against them killing them in 1990. Quantel also sued Photoshop on similar grounds but lost the case later in '97.

Avid Media Illusion -  One of the first high end node based compositing systems
Cyborg -

Avid Matador  -  Great 2d animation package / paintbox  RIP 1998

5D Cyborg - 2001 - very fast online compositing software to give Flame a run for its money- only lasted a year or two

Shake 1997-2006 - boo hoo - I'll have to go and learn Nuke

1 comment:

0lly Tyler said...

I learnt Nuke now - sort of - and it kicks Shakes arse in most respects